Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In a sea of white anemones and Leopard...

Poems by Diane Dehler


Diane Dehler is an American poet known for her
postmodern lyricism who has been nominated
for a Pushcart Award 2014. 

In a sea of white anemones

I was swimming in a sea
of white anemones,
Whose ivory foam surrounded
me with the tenderness-
gentle hours of a lover.
The frothing ivory interior
of the flower was a white eye.
A perception from which
arose Aphrodite awakening
from the perfume of Alegria.


rises straight high
a spirit wind, winged
beast awakened
Poised on a cliff’s
steep jutting edge
with sharp claws
as pink as dawn.
Embodied writing, the
pale of me and your
molten leopard flesh.
Hot breath of all desire
splattered with pattern
Of wild rosettes.
A stealthy approach
sly leopard licks salt
of my flesh, feeding
On my sheer wild
nakedness — bleeding
creation all over me.
Solitude of a leopard
joins passion.

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