Saturday, December 28, 2013

Images of Love by Diane Dehler

Images of Love


I touch you staring into a
fire’s crackling flame. We are

Only shadows on the wall
for there is no time.


The evening is short;
surrounds us draws us apart,
reunites us.

We are the only music
that is real.


When you came to me
I knew at once Adam. You
were forbidden fruit.

Soft are your firm hands
on me. We have always
known each other.


My fear of you binds me to the
moving postures of this bed.
Is this fear love?


You leap from the music
of, Swan Lake, a prince but

Tonight I am Clytemnestra,
wearing sackcloth and ash. We
do not touch.


We make love by a
seashore. I marvel at your sun

Drenched hair and throw my lace
dress carelessly aside.


Sand wedges batik designs on
our footsteps. A collector of

Seaweed and tides finds my
dress covered with wet sand &

Takes it home. You love
me without it.


Eroticism is a mirage,
touched it disappears.

Who told you, you could
touch my thigh?


When the sailor’s red sun
sinks low in the sky.

In that second we will know
all desire.

Published reviously, From the Four-Chambered Heart: In Tribute to Anais Nin, Sybaritic Press, June 2013.

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