Sunday, October 27, 2013

To Aurore by Diane Dehler

Aurore: Goddess of the dawn, rising with
Rosy fingers from the saffron colored bed
Of Tihonus 1587.

To Aurore

Her eyes smoke
topaz in the last of
night sky.

While the world
is sleeping, first
glint of light.

Aurore rises cool
with the angular &
chill new moon.

Night is drenched
with dew awakening
into white sea.

Flower petals fall
dark from a windy
and bruised night.

Tears hesitate and
spill forth diamond
dawn for Aurore.

Morning pauses
as Tihonos steals
one last kiss.

Diane Dehler
Published by Quill & Parchment March, 2013

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