Monday, October 14, 2013

snow of a white flower said, Princess Haiku

Princess Shikishi
from Winter: Fifteen Poems

Left on treetops the brocade remains: from my garden, autumn's colors have taken leave.

As I watched winter came: along the edge of a cove where ducks are, thin ice is forming.

In the shower everywhere red leaves fell; now hailstones drop on garden leaves.

Wild winter sky all day now suddenly turns cloudy, sleet slashing aslant as wind vie.

On the mat my midnight sleeves lucid, first snow white on the hillside pines.

The sky as a flock rises grows snowy, lucid dark; in icy bedroom a wood duck cries.

Body piercing; the garden fires rises lucidly, up to the frosty night stars in the dawn sky.

Wind of heaven, the maidens cross ice this winter night, sleeves polished by the light of the moon.

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