Friday, March 01, 2013

Wintersweet, Part 3

Spring has chased away the last day of February and the University of California Botanical Garden is in bloom. This is a disappearing Winter image of the Old Rose Garden.

The green of redwood trees never changes however and the old ones have seen all that has transpired in the garden since its beginning. They watch human footsteps and long after I am a memory they will remember me. I try to walk gently upon this earth but that is always a challenge.

I love to visit the Orchid House in the Garden which features various flowers in bloom.

The Arid Garden is nearby and features amazing desert plants and flora.

I found a few of the cacti in bloom.

Some of the desert plants have amazing and strange features that I imagine to be alien like.

Although different than the flowers that I love some of them are graceful and interesting to view.

This is another view of the Orchid House that fascinates me.

An entire grove of redwood trees stand tall on the outside perimeter of the garden. It will be a perfect place to visit on hot summer days. The tranquility of the Botanical Garden is a repose for my soul. A black pine grove near my dwelling was recently clear cut and I find peace and happiness in the knowledge that the beauty of the Botanical Garden will last.

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