Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wintersweet, said Princess Haiku

I had a delightful stroll in the UC Botanical Garden this morning. Rhododendrons were dancing about in wind in their dazzling flower couture. Although recovering from influenza, I did not experience any episodes of coughing and so realize I am finally getting better. -A cause to rejoice.

It was wonderful to discover a backroad into Tilden Park and the Botanical Garden that is only a fifteen minute drive from my home.

It offers spectacular vistas of the Bay.

I have decided to start a journal of my poetic musings in the Garden and will post them here on my blog along with many photos. My first post will be called "Wintersweet" which seems suitable as it was one of the first plants that I encountered on my walk. In winter there is nothing as sweet as discovering a flower in bloom. Although, to be more exact the middle of February often heralds the arrival of spring here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And so here it is my little flower journal begins in a small patch of Wintersweet.

Chimonanthus praecox, "wintersweet", is the only species widely grown as an ornamental plant. It's spicy scented winter flowers are also used in floristry as cut flowering branches. The plant prefers medium exposure to sunlight or high dappled shade.

I stopped for a moment to rest on a scenic bench and a sense of the mortality of a flower's moment swept over me. Even in the same second as a spring bloom flowers another withers. And so it is in life that we are constantly surrounded by life and death existing as one. In this duality we must make our way unless we leave the garden and entire spirit itself. I am not ready for this yet and find solace in the flower garden and hope that you shall too.

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