Monday, November 19, 2012

Belladonna's Poem to Vladimir

To Vladimir

I am Belladonna a white flower
born to simplicity of petal, my grace
eternal lives within your eyes.
According to laws of nature I fade
yet perhaps a dance can bring me
back each year beneath a full moon.

As the midnight hour draws closer
my fade begins. What sorrow will
this night bring if the beauty of art
cannot transcend the life of a single
perfect woodland flower? Alas, it is
time to sleep and dream of other worlds.
I am Belladonna in full bloom, lush with
beauty under moon. I implore you to
dance and disappear by dawn.

I ask no man to risk mortal soul for me,
and the purity of your dancing light shall
guide me. Memory of your beauty will
be a lantern that I carry as I drift into
darkness where perished beauty and
faded petal dwell.

Diane Dehler
@2012 all rights reserved

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