Monday, October 29, 2012

THE FIVE ELEMENTS by Mariagrazia Dardanelles

  • An excerpt written by the art critic Daniela De Angelis: "The works of Mariagrazia DARDANELLI show the absolute power of the light, its movements, its surprises, mindful of the futurism and photographs relating to modern digital techniques (...) These works are colorful or elegantly played on black and white when the light fades, relax, curls, expands, row straight as a dart or took turns like embroidered organza and tulle. Results are never completely random but instead respond to a severe structural logic, often inspired by geometric and architectural standards (...) the excitement carries the viewer's gaze, entranced by an abstract world which also inevitably allude to natural phenomena like the play of light, the unfathomable depths of the dark, the surprises of color (...) the pixels are so shaped to form a non-existent branch in slow time (...), but also absolutely true commensurate with logic and uniqueness, just like the ancient art of painting, in which every stroke is proposed as inevitable ... "

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