Monday, November 01, 2010

the allure of a Moon Altar, said Princess Haiku

I came upon this mesmerizing moon altar created by Ernesto Sanchez, on display at the Petaluma Art Museum as part of a "Day of the Dead Exhibition."

There is a harmony, a perfect simplicity in the altar that captures the power of the moon and takes the breath away.

I found other captivating installations and art work on Sanchez's website, including the Moon Spirit House below.

Sanchez is working on another fascinating project, "Journey of 1000 Moons."

"For me, the process of making one thousand moons is a working meditation. Each moon reminds me that, while each of our individual lives is a brief flash of illumination – only 1000 moons — the energetic dance between the moon and the earth has endured for millions of years"

Ernesto Sanchez in his own words explains,

"My work is both mixed media and multicultural, incorporating influences from my studies in Asia and Indonesia, my Mexican-American upbringing, my travels through Latin America and my Southern California childhood. My goal is to create art that resonates with the reverent presence of spirit and provides a vehicle for people’s spiritual expression and discovery."

His studio is having open house over the Thanksgiving Holiday and I hope to visit his studio at Pt. Reyes and see more of his fine art work.

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A.Decker said...

Oh, I like that moon altar! Very "Day of the Dead" but more soothing, enchanting, inviting than most I've seen. Which is not much, I admit, but this one makes me want to see more.