Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Discovering the poetics of Vera Pavlova, said Princess Haiku

I discovered a new poet via a virtual friend;
a person who will never be flesh and blood to me,
yet sometimes she sings through my dreams.

The ghost friend gave me a new poet.
-Gave me Vera Pavlova and in the way that mortals
cling to poets even while their dreams carbonize,

I trace letters onto the white veins of an
African Violet petal and image that she speaks
in all of her impermanence to me.

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"Who will winter my immortality
with me? Who will thaw with me?
Come what may, I shall never trade
the earthly love for the subterranean.
I still have time to turn
into flowers, claw, white-eyed memory...
but while we are mortal, my love, to you
nothing will be denied.

Vera Pavlova
Translated from the Russian by Steven Seymour



Livia Salome Gnos said...

Thank you for letting me discover this wonderful poem Princess. I still apreciate the moments I spend on your pages...

SF Girl said...

Princess, that is lovely! I have a gift for you, which I hope you will heartily seize. http://sfgirl-thealiennextdoor.blogspot.com/2010/09/face-of-hero-hero-meme.html

I'd be honored.
Your friend,
SF Girl (nina)

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you Livia; it is also so nice to hear from you. I will check your space out Nina and see what the "gift" is. Sounds enticing.

irishpoetry said...

This poem is just dreamy - a really powerful thought-provoking one - and the flower exotic, just lovely. Thanks for sharing.