Saturday, June 05, 2010

exalted creatures of the chrysanthemum Temple, said Princess Haiku

I drove to Novato on Saturday morning through cool fog, laced with honey sun breaking through a revery, to bring home several spider chrysanthemum seedlings. The journal begins as I caretake what will be another bloom of perfection.

Irv Baker of the Marin Chrysanthemum Society invited me into his chrysanthemum garden where he nurtures plant cuttings for enthusiasts. Some of the plants are his very own hybrids.

Everywhere I looked I saw chrysanthemum plants. An emerald green ocean of plant possibility.

I drove home across the San Raphael Bridge of dreams...

Seedlings awakened to bright sunlight after sleeping in the truck of my Toyoto on the way home. Fortunately, I don't have one of those demon Toyotas that drive themselves.

I arranged the little plants on my table for a closer view and pulled out a few that will be gifts for a friend. It's hard to believe that these modest little seedlings will grow into exalted flower creatures. Tomorrow, I will plant four and in a week or so the others. I will do a first pruning so that the plant grows into three branches. I discovered that the 8 bags of planting soil I have are not enough and so another trip to the nursery is needed.

Special thanks to Irv Baker of the Marin Chrysanthemum Society for helping me select my plants. The beautiful chrysanthemum garden in these photos are the result of many years of his work.

Spent a few hours preparing pots and revisiting memories of other chrysanthemum journeys. Princess Haiku I asked myself, what compelling image are you searching for in this year's bloom? I could not answer and a full moon in October will reveal all. I am planning to have a chrysanthemum viewing then and will spend the evening writing haiku. -Such joy, such possibility to reveal itself..

PS King's Mums in Oregon will be shipping the two dozen plants that I ordered from them. More on that later and also will post any new flower haiku that I might write.

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