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Conversations with Helene Grimaud or through the mystery flower Part Three, said Princess Haiku

Every great artist inspires love, devotion and awakening of true self as does the pianist, Helene Grimaud. I visited her guest book on her web site at Deutschgrammophon and spent a long time perusing her messages.

These intimate conversations with Helene Grimaud, left anonymously by her fans touched my heart. They were a fascinating and poetic outpouring of love, spiritual confession, appreciation and devotion. You can read the original article here and below you will find more of the letters.

I hope that you enjoy them.
Princess Haiku

Conversations with Helene Grimaud:


Ciao bella Helene,

You are so very special and your most beautiful gift of your piano music to the world, is a reflection of your inner and outer beauty and grace as well.


More, than the greatest love the world has known,
This is the love I'll give to you alone,
More, than the simple words I try to say,
I only live to love you more each day.

More, than you'll ever know,
My arms long to hold you so,
My life will be in your keeping,
Walking, sleeping, laughing, weeping...

Longer than always is a long, long time,
I know I never lived before,
and my heart is very sure
No one else could love you more!

Ciao for now, Bella Helene,
The Beggar Prince!

English words by Norman Newell
Italian Words by M. Ciorciolini
Music by R. Ortolani and N. Olivero


I hate it when we disconnet!
Is it my fault?

Today it was so cold I had to wear my gloves
Insulated from the cold wind but not from the electricity
I pushed one of my favored CDs to listen to you.


Fantastic Helene,

I first listened to your Chaconne from Bach and I adored it fully!


I place a finely tuned Steinway by your window to look outside and express
What you see with your senses, eyes, intuitions and the fires that burn inside
The profiles parade one after the other; an army of poets, sculptors
I see Lord Byron stop... for a while... he vanishes into thick fog
There is an interesting interplay between the eyes rocking
over the keyboard as you create this new melody I love


Dear Helene,
I have this feeling that while you were playing the music it was you. I know I may not be an expert in music but the way it touched my soul is impossible to describe. Let's just say in this one moment music came back into my life.


To Helen

Follow the light,
A heron on the river and then
Return to flying
Happy and spread on the grass
A listen
A sorry end
And in the night
Cross through the eyes the hill
To discover
Where the sun goes to sleep.

Amhurst, MA

Dear Helene,

What a wonderful coincidence that I had to be in the Netherlands to take care of some family matters and that you were playing at the Concertgebou. Your concert this past Sunday with the Gulbenkian Orchestra was truly a magnificent tour de force. Your performance of both the Choral Fantasy and the Beethoven 5th concerto were brilliant and moving. You also did very well reciting the Gide poetry in Persephone; a rarely performed but interesting work. Thank you for a most wonderful evening.

Au revoir et Bonne Chance


By what mysterious alchemy is your music infused with spirit?

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goatman said...

I always feel edgy reading words meant for others -- like I am intervening. Beautiful words though.