Monday, March 22, 2010

Princess Haiku is noted on "Best Poetry Blogs" via....said Princess Haiku

I was happy and appreciative to discover that Accredited Online Colleges voted Princess Haiku as one of the top poetry blogs on the web. Now, I have to go visit the others and you might want to also as they have made a great list of poetry blogs to visit.

This is the little letter that I sent to them:

Dear Emma,

Thanks for including me on a great poetry list.

I linked to your web page and will enjoy visiting some of the other blogs. When I started my simple blog of poetic musings I had no idea that so many other people would like to read it. Well, in the end it is the simple, natural and elegant things in life; like poetry and sea water pearls that bring so much joy...
Diane Dehler


rochambeau said...

Congratulations to you Princess Haiku!
You deserve this honor!

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks, Constance. I was happy and surprised to find myself on this list. Blogging is something that you do alone and all of a sudden... the world enters.

Violetwrites said...

yes it is wonderful to be acknowledged for doing what we love to do, I totally agree.
thanks for your note to DD
much love

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Princess Haiku,

Thank you for including my blog to your blog. I see the strength, the power of words sipping through each post. Your blog is wonderful!
It is an honor for me to be among many creative writers.

Warmest greetings,
From Zuzanna

Princess Haiku said...

Violet, I am so glad that you stopped to visit and Zuzanna you are very welcome.

Glynis said...

Congratulations Diane and thank you so much for visiting my blog and letting me know, I had made the list as well.
It is exciting isn't it?

Andy Sewina said...

Cool Blog! enjoyed reading a few bits, will be back.

Congrats on the 100 thingy!

here I am! said...

sea water pearls! you are a pearl too.
glad others like you blog as much as I do.
And hey what about all the lovely photos!

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you for coming to visit "here I am."

Magyar said...

__I just saw your comment at Hirota's blog, and curiosity brought me here. Curiosity, as in this case, is quite often... a good thing. _m

Marion said...

Congratulations, Princess!

You've been writing so much lately it's been hard to keep up. I love your haiku about the snow blossom tree.

I'll bet most of your flowers are out now, down where you live. Yesterday I was really happy to see the very tips of tulips break through the ground. It won't be long now!

goatman said...

For you is others' recognition.
It seems that a gentle heart may attract gentle hearts?

Maggie May said...