Monday, March 15, 2010

musing on chrysanthemums and possibility, said Princess Haiku

I have been visiting some new blogs lately thanks to

Ascender Rises Above and

Haiku and Happiness

Yesterday, I discovered Creativity in Exile and found writing that lifted my spirit.

Here are a few words from the end of Laurie's post, "Blessings In..."

"My questions for you: What if all the inspiration, all the creativity, all the blessings you need are available to you in this very moment, if you would but open your hands to receive? What would you do differently today?"

My answer is that I would have played my flute more softly so that I could hear myself. I would have picked up my pen to finish rewrites on a short prose manuscript, and I would have more carefully observed the early spring flowers in my neighborhood. -Some of those blooms will be gone tomorrow...

What would you do differently?

a poet struggles
tangled in a spider's arms
gold chrysanthemum

Diane Dehler

BTW: three flowers up to Japonisme who was just named one of the 10 most beautiful art blogs by


Roberto Reis said...

Hello There!
I enjoyed so much of your blog!
Congratulations for the subject!
I want to invite you to visit my blog too:


Anonymous said...

Laurie's question has given me something to ponder.
Sounds like a good find. I'm continually amazed by such and that's why my blogroll is so long I had to move it! :-)

Lotus deserves such recognition, at least. "Three flowers up,"? That sounds pretty good.

Lovely blossoms in the top photo.

Very zen-ish haiku from Ms.Dehler.
Nice. ;-)

Princess Haiku said...

My blogroll is long too but 80 million blogs to choose from. Where can it end?