Sunday, March 28, 2010

I gave birth to a star, said Princess Haiku

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I Gave Birth to a Star

I gave birth tonight to a star
alone unattended only me
on a dark wooded path.
A path that was lonely and no
other hands but mind to reach
between my legs and grasp my
newborn child a star that
flashed away into streaks of light.

I cried as all new mothers cry
and more because I scarcely
touched it never suckled it
never crooned to my star.
I thrust my hands angrily into
the face of the sky protesting.

What am I left for my pain
and my waiting my burden
of expectation weighing me down.
Expectation growing becoming
swollen as firm and hard as my
breasts promising I too would
be born in the season of birth.

I sat on the dark path raining
hard bitter tears on the
ground later the dim light
of my heart led me home.

I had a child once I would
later say my child was
a star that burst into light
and became a white image burning
across the face of the sky.
Oh yes women would answer
a star aren't they all.

You don't understand I implored
One long ago night I gave birth
to a star and no midwife to
comfort me cool my burning brow.
Only a dark path a cool moon
and my love to welcome my only
child a flash away star.


smith kaich jones said...

Wow. Love, love, love.


Marion said...

Just before daybreak this morning, I went outside with the dogs. As I stood in the wind storm, I happened to glance up...and I saw the brightest falling star I have ever seen. It was gorgeous, with the longest trail.

I thought of you and this poem, Princess, and knew I had to tell you.