Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Spring weaves us, said Princess Haiku, into a muse

Miz Katie

This is my garden of bright colored new flowers, said Princess Haiku and everyone is welcome.

Carmen Torbus

Little Hokum Rag

What continues to amaze me in blogdom is the synchronicity of how people find each other and the manifold tapestries they weave together.

Jacob Russell

Kelly Rae Roberts

If you are happy in your usual blog sphere reach out and encompass someone new or something different.

Hiroko Sakai

Cheru Jackson

Visit a new person, a new country, a different value system and a context.

Princess Merlin

Paris Parfait

Floating Along

Or introduce someone new.

Carol Peters

Carla Curt

Anart Island

What we are doing online is creating a new kind of world.

Flying Colors

One person to another.


Carol Peters said...

Thank you so much!

- Carol

Lyrically speaking said...

love the art and the post

miz katie said...

Aren't you sweet!! Thank you!! <3

Anonymous said...