Friday, November 20, 2009

I have a first draft, said Princess Haiku

I have a first draft of a new prose novel and have to figure out how to scramble the words and upload it to nanowrimo. I deleted and rewrote 3000 words today since I have some extra time. Tomorrow, I will print it out and let it sit for a month or so and then see what I have.

Students at UC Berkeley are having a protest today, since the Board of Regents has raised tuition something like 30% more. My support to the students. I try to keep my blog a political free place but one thing I absolutely believe in is education. You cannot have a democracy without an educated people.

BTW Thanks to the friends who left comments on my last blog. When I was trying to post them Blogger glitched and they disappeared.


Elizabeth said...

Letting it sit awhile - really important. Now take time again for tea and chrysanthemums.

goatman said...

You are wise to let the words sit for awhile. Seems I recall that being a step in the process of creative thinking: letting the ideas rest for awhile and "gell" into posssible connections you may not have noticed initially.

Can't wait to see a synopsis of your work.

I too am for the students but donot hold out much hope for their reducing prices.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Princess! I've seen "Nanowrimo" around, but don't know that much about it, and from what I've read here about yours, I'm intrigued. Will we get to see this novel?

Jackie said...

Always best to leave for a while, however short, and then have a look.
I have to do that even with my short blog posts as sometimes my brain works ahead of my typing.

I agree, education important. Thankfully they won't react like ours who tend to burn things down when they do not get the results they want.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

congratualations on the first draft!
oh that tuition hike; so sad for a state. Imagine what the job market will be like in four years with a huge gap in uneducated employees. and the debt students are walking away with; I keep hoping that something will be done to reduce it. very sad days indeed.