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Helene Grimaud in "Note by Note; the making of Steinway L 1037 part 10, said Princess Haiku

Fans of Helene Grimaud are in for a treat! The documentary "Note by Note' the making of Steinway 1037" has a wonderful segment in which she performs and discusses the intimate relationship a pianist has with their instrument.

This independent film also includes the razzle and dazzle that is Lang Lang along with other musical notables. You can rent it via netflix.

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La Belle Helene talking about the Power of Music.

Excerpts From Love Letters to La Belle Helene
special thanks to the anonymous Prince Peter of New York

United States
Mon Cherie Helene,

Bonne Anniversaire!
Pour toi !
Aphrodite by Victor Daley

On a golden dawn in the dawn sublime
Of years ere the stars had ceased to sing,
Beautiful out of the sea-deeps cold,
Aphrodite arose - the Flower of Time,
That, dear to the day of her blossoming,
The old, old Sea had borne in his heart.
Around her worshipping waves did part
Tremulous - glowing in rose and gold.

O Beloved, thus on my small world you
Rose, flushing it all with rosy flame!
Changing sad thoughts to a singing throng,
And creating the earth and sky anew!
As Love you appeared - and, lo ,you are Fame,
And, all my follies and sins despite,
You yet , Beloved, may see my light -
Small, but a star - mid the stars of song.

Bonne Anniversaire!

Je t'aime et je t'adore,


You remind me of the one who is inside me
Animated in such a way that I can’t resist you
My attention is towards you and your well being

Make me alive, a dancer who effortlessly
spins in a dancing fantasy.

United States
Mon Cherie Helene, Pour toi !

Ode to Aphrodite by Sappho

Immortal Aphrodite of the splendid throne,
Daughter of Zeus, weaver of snares,
Great Woman, Grant me this,
Let not my spirit be harnessed by this anguish and affliction,
But come here, by me as you did once before.

On that day,
you've heard my distant voice and, nodding,
you left your father's golden chambers to yoke your
two swift companion birds at your glistening chariot.

They fluttered through the spreading sky
and brought you hurriedly down here
by me,
upon the black soil.

Great Woman!
With a smile on your immortal face you had asked me
about my sighs, what was it that made me call you
yet again?

What was it that my despairing heart wanted you to do
this time?

You asked, "Who is it this time Sappho? Who do you want me
to bring to you ? Who, Sappho, is hurting you now?"

at that time, you offered, "Tell me
Sappho who she is and if she turns from you now,
by me,
she'll be turning towards you;
and if she's not close to you now,
by me,
she will be -
willingly or not!"

Come to me again now,
Great Woman
release me from this great woe;
grant me this, my heart's greatest desire:
Helene Grimaud!
And against all these pains, be my ally !

Mon Cherie Helene, Je t'adore et Je t'aime,

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jazzolog said...

So Helene has another suitor besides me!? My writing can't hold a candle to this Prince guy! Hopes dashed, I must curl up with the other wolves in the kennel and be content with her devastating recordings. And I don't even like Schumann!