Sunday, November 01, 2009

All Saint's Day, says a ghost...

All Saints Day in France is part of a national holiday known as La Toussaint. La Toussaint is a two day festival during which the French celebrate two holidays together: All Saints Day, the day for remembering Catholic saints, and All Souls Day, the day for praying for the souls of the deceased. Families celebrate it by bringing chrysanthemums to decorate the tombs of their departed loved ones.

This flower print is an example of the chrysanthemum in French art. I am happy to report that In Buddhist tradition the chrysanthemum represents "the eye" of the soul and the source of light. Thus every day is a perfect day to enjoy the radiant blooms of the spider chrysanthemum.

Yet, today.. I offer this post and these gracious flowers to the memory of my beloved mother.

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