Thursday, October 22, 2009

in search of Swann's Way and big waves on the North Coast, said Princess Haiku

Today is an eventual day in my life for I am starting, "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. I always said I would read the entire series someday and so today it is. "Volume 1, Swann's Way. I mooched a lovely copy from Book Mooch which is a great book swap site for bibliophile's.

And, to mark the enormity of this endeavor I will read the first pages at a North Bay beach. Because of a typhoon out to sea in Alaska, huge breakers will be crashing ashore. I am feeling well enough to go on small drives and this should lift my spirits after a month of confinement.


goatman said...

Proust, is it? I envy you your gumption.
Apparently you have read the new Atwood... It seems to be an extension of the Oryx and Crake topic with which I had a hard time -- futuristic dealings. I really liked Blind Assassin and would probably read that again instead, or get a library copy to peruse.

The beach must be wonderful this time of year. Bundle up

Elizabeth said...

Sand, water,wind - this would be enough . To follow Swann's way as well may be difficult. I took a bag of Proust to the beach once and left it unread. I look forward to what you find in your reading.

Princess Haiku said...

I admit, the high surf side tracked me and I didn't start, Proust yet. Maybe tomorrow. Elizabeth lol, I haven't lost my copy yet.