Saturday, August 22, 2009

On a gingko walk said Princess Haiku

The cool, foggy summer has passed in a gingko dream. Storm clouds gather as Autumn approaches. All is not well in lovely California.. not well at all.

And yet this season's Chrysanthemums have begun their journey even without my attention. I must not let them escape me. It is so easy to be oblivious to the beauty around us. Just a few days ago I drove across the San Francisco Bay Bridge without absorbing the stunning beauty of foggy silhouettes of San Francisco and images of the eternal, sleeping maiden of Mount Tam.

Even in times of distress I need to remember that these are the hours of life that are given to me and I will make of them what I choose.

I need to have a little chat with these flower blooms said, Princess Haiku. They never forget anything that is important.


goatman said...

Your insights are too true.
It is all to easy to walk through life and not be of life, or at least not recognize that we are all of the same material set free here in the wonder to wander.
My mums are just now blooming in the back yard, near the lake. Perhaps a photo would be in order?

georgel said...

Hi Princess. All is not well in lovely Oregon either, but as you said, we make of it as we choose, and the beauty is there whether we see it or not.

lotusgreen said...

it seems, from what you say, that they not only remember, but also turn around and teach it.

Marion said...

I'm sorry life is distressful for you at the moment, Princess. Perhaps with a new season arriving, things will settle down.

Thanks for the reminder of recognizing the small moments in life.

get zapped said...

Thank you for your honest and poignant post. It's so true - it's great to be reminded.

peace to you.

Anonymous said...

It can be difficult enough at uneventful times, to remember the beauty, and thanks to your flower friends you have done so in the midst of distress. The pictures your words create of SF in the fog are quite lovely in themselves, so you've managed to share the beauty, even if you did miss it that one time.

Good on you, and good on your wise little friends.

Summer Rain said...

There is beauty even in the darkest hours. If we can open our mind to it, it is transporting us beyond immediate reality. Not all we can see or touch is real. Not all we can feel and can't touch is an illusion.

Feel better, Princess Haiku

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Kim A said...

I love your take on life. Sometimes, in my hurry to get through the work week, I tend to forget, that these are days, moments, and experiences I'll never get to repeat. So, thank you for reminding me to stop and smell the um.. Chrysanthemums, as it were.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

So true and wise, Princess Haiku. All too often we forget to look at the wonder and beauty around us, as the world and its realities sweep us along.

Moon River said...

hello Princess, i am here more then before as you can see, thanks for stopping by.
and i've seen your silance for the past weeksm monthsm and wad hoping you are well, good to have you back
wanted to share with you an artist that has some wonderful flowers you might like;

Princess Haiku said...

I removed your kind comment and thanks for leaving it.