Saturday, July 11, 2009

another season of chrysanthemum begins, says Princess Haiku

Follow the journey of these newborn chrysanthemum seedlings with me.

chrysanthemum shrine
offerings- a poet's gold
was this flower a dream?


Patrice said...

MMM so lovely, I can almost smell them here. And what sublime color!

Marion said...

Chrysanthemums are last flower still blooming here before Winter settles in. I don't have the beautiful, spidery ones, like the one in your photo, just the ordinary kind. But I'm happy with them anyway...they always suggest Autumn, pies and Thanksgiving to me.

Cergie said...

Yes, that's quite true. My neighbour has one for years outside in her frontyard and it (I noticed that yesterday) is just beginning to blossom. A beautiful low yellow chrysanthemum
(Marguerite / Cergie)

goatman said...

Your mums are always a treat.
Did the supplier who moved to Portland ever set up or continue the website?