Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ghost Cams, said Princess Haiku

Enough of this world, said Princess Haiku as she prepared to visit some of her usual haunted landscapes and otherworldly friends.

While you can't come with me tonight there are places where you might possibly glimpse an apparition or two. Of course, there is no telling what you will see or whether you would want to see them.

Hurry up, it's nearly midnight and believe me when I say that you are on your own, said Princess Haiku vanishing precipitiously.

ghost cams

ghost rooms

ghost views

just plain ghosts

BTW The blue cottage in the photo is a genuine haunted habitat in Berkeley California and is situated just above the North Berkeley BART station. I have heard stories about this dwelling too scary to repeat. And to think it looks just like any other place.

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Shea said...

I watched a show about ancient astronauts. It's all interesting