Monday, March 30, 2009

the ghost bride reappears on a calm spring day and tells Princess Haiku that her name is, Henriette

My name is Henriette, the ghost bride said to Princess Haiku.

I left Michel Nostradamus long ago with our two young boys.

And now we have descendants living in both Aix en Provence and San Francisco who have no idea of their psychic provenance.

Princess Haiku leaned closer for the story was fascinating.

However, just as suddenly Henriette disappeared leaving a storm of dandelion seeds behind.

I must know the real story said Princess Haiku.

Do you have any idea what really happened?

Marriage and healing work: In 1531 Nostredame was invited by Jules-César Scaliger, a leading Renaissance scholar, to come to Agen. There he married a woman of uncertain name (possibly Henriette d'Encausse), who bore him two children.

The Song the Orphan Sings

I have only this one dress,
and it's getting thin and bleached;
however, it will last an eternity
in the eyes of God.

Rainer Maria Rilke


goatman said...

I suspect the visit was to lend coinage to an unknown history of which you may be a part.
The ties of lineage must be there somewhere in our knowings but maybe detectable only through constant watching and feeling only to occur when we least are looking.

Am I close??

Jackie said...

I always found it so sad that they called his wife a woman of uncertain name as if she wasn't that important at all. I can now think of her as Henriette :)

Salix Tree said...

That's a beautiful image of the dress hanging in the tree, almost as if the magnolia was dreaming it was a wedding gown.

get zapped said...

Wow, this is wonderful! So much to ponder with a curious heart.

SandyCarlson said...

This was a wonderful read.

Ascender Rises Above said...

that is really dreamy! liked the gate photo too - a mural?