Saturday, March 21, 2009

exit: Lost Boys of Phoenix Theater, said Princess Haiku

Vandal Canvas 594 these bricKs

painted hyacinth ghosts;
a Vanished
artwork, cold pieces

FORM today,
regenerated AM into
crylon, Scarlatti

remorseless Voice-overs
of hello world, rich plum
textured away Camus

stone washed boys and
une fille 3-D melt into
painted, spiked ice,

on the outer territory of
TRAIN world
sunset eyes peer through

the sherbet blizt
of a garbage can; motif
of a Phoenix spiral

wonder... the
men from Hamburg
willing catalina mist

to leave impressions
dripping bauhaus gold teeth

of their travel into the
territories of the

vandal art
outlaw ghosts on balcony
requiem for HIST>RY performances

stage inside
a Hornet left tangerine molecues
turned dust;

behind the age of global blue
velvet curtain
rip the GRAF veil

you are invited to attend
Houdini Seance with\

....................Princess Haiku

poem inspired by the grafitti artists of the Phoenix Theater


mystic rose said...

I odnt usually like graffiti, but i like these. especially the first one.

Marion said...

I shouldn't say so, since most people shun graffiti...but it is one of my favourite forms of art. I realize it is not appropriate in some places, but to me...when I come upon a wall filled with colour, many times it will uplift me. And of course, many times I will feel saddened by the rage included in some graffiti, and will reflect on the people who drew them.

margit said...

great photos...i love your blog, thanks!

Jackie said...

Thanks for all the visits, very appreciated. Sorry I haven't been around much these last few months, my time clock gone haywire and I hardly every finish what I plan.

Fabulous graffiti, thanks for the great photos and haiku.

Red Studio said...

Thank you for the beautiful blog. I love the graffiti and the dress in the tree. I am inspired.