Thursday, March 12, 2009

Copperfields night visitor

Rumor has it that a ghostly visitor reshelves misplaced books, in the basement of Copperfields books.

Copperfields is a favorite "haunt" of mine and no pun intended. :) However, I have never noticed anything unsual in its archives and shelves.

Do you see a ghost here?

Or here?

Nether did I but I did find a few great reads. Support your local independent bookstores, spirit and all and keep them alive. And who knows about the unexplained; you may find more than a friendly salesperson or two here.


Kev said...

I missed your writings, when I read your writings I feel away from my busy, rushing, everyday life. You give peace on the mediums of the internet that give me peace of mind from everyday busy life. Thank you Haiku :)

I wrote a new post but it's not so nicely written, meaning in a manner way I mean, I cuss alot in it but I wanted to and to express myself and let out what I've been holding in and that's exactly what I did so I honestly feel good about it, so try not to judge to hard on it i just wanted to give a fair warning.

Btw i have two coworkers that blog too their the ones that are following my blog, I think you'd like their writings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Princess Haiku. We have a book store kinda like this. A whole section of pre-20th century, as well. Sometimes you can get an eerie feeling in this section. You also have to watch out for the older owner/proprietor. He likes to sneak up on you, to see if you warrant any assistance.

get zapped said...

Fun photos and excellent message. I try to buy used as often as I can. Support local shops!

Marion said...

I think the energy passed on to others from used books can be a little disconcerting. There have been some used books I cannot read, but I still love to peruse through them all.

You had me looking hard to find the ghosts! Great fun!

Anonymous said...

Very good recommendation. I miss seeking out places like this, and may have to soon remedy that lack, thanks to your post.
And maybe it's just me, but I always sense 'presence' (spirits, ghosts, who knows?) in places like this.
Nothin' but shelves of books in your photos, yet I'm compelled to say, "Really good looking shop you got there!" :-)
Well, the window decoration is pretty attractive, too.

I hope you're doing well, Princess. Come see me!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

nope - nothing. is that in menlo park across for kepplers?