Monday, March 02, 2009

Bridgescape, as I escape into the beauty of a view from the San Francisco Bay Bridge, said Princess Haiku

This is my California world with its astonishing beauty.

I have often wanted to share it with you and today I have the pleasure of being a passenger instead of a driver. Thus I am able to take these photos for everyone.

The view is always different; silvery water, shimmering mother of pearl gray reflections or blue clouds. Always different and always compelling.

Even a rainy day is as captivating as treacherous while driving here...

It's not easy to live in California anymore and our paradise is in peril; drough, real estate bubbles, overpopulation, global warming etc.

But how can one leave this paradise?

I will leave you with this perfect moment of beauty.

This post is dedicated to my friend Stephen who is recovering from surgery.


Isabella said...

Thank you for these astonishing pictures! I like the last post with the trees and this one a lot; it reminds me of my first and last visit of San Francisco 17 years ago. Your place is really a Paradise on Earth... warm regards, Isabella

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for stopping to visit, Isabella and glad you liked my simple little trees.