Thursday, March 05, 2009

approach to sea

Tall redwoods lean against the wind and beckon the Pacific Ocean.
An expanse of sand dunes, cloud as I approach Stinson Beach.


subtorp77 said...

For many years I have longed to be amongst the Redwoods. The sense of standing there, gazing ever upwards towards their majestic crowns. The feeling of human frailty as compared to these ancient, living, coastal sentinels.

red dirt mule said...


You remind me that I need to get out more often. Sigh. To be in such close proximity to loveliness!


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Gosh, Princess, you've posted some lovely photos, recently.

I've always wanted to see the tall redwoods -- I remember reading about them, as a kid, and being fascinated by the very idea.

Thanks for sharing!

rochambeau said...

Hi Princess,
Thank you for the trip to Stinson. I store many happy memories there. Thanks also for reminding me of "dunes"!

Hope all is well and Royal in your world!!


Marion said...

Princess, I've been to Stinson Beach and just love it! Thanks for the photos of it...I'm really beginning to long for the Ocean.

Soon, as soon as Spring arrives, lol, we'll be heading back down to the coast for a visit. This time, I plan to go for a long walk on the Beach!