Thursday, November 20, 2008

welcome to my tiny urban paradise, said Princess Haiku

I have followed the way of the chrysanthemum, says Princess Haiku into a discourse of persistence, excitement, difficulty and delayed bloom

And finally, Mother Nature has grown magical spider chrysanthemum blooms with beauty that has transforming a tiny urban garden into an earthly paradise.

I welcome you all into my midnight garden where splashes of moonlight on frond dazzle.

Are there tiny places in your lives that are waiting to be transformed into portals of beauty?

People often think large and miss the small joys at their fingertip?

After all it is usually the small moments, spaces and places in our life that beguile us

Enter this small paradise and let it inspire you to discover your own.

BTW There are still several more buds on my plants and each color will be different. I can't wait to see which gorgeous creature will appear next.


goatman said...

Portals of beauty seem to occur all of the time,I find, if you keep an eye out. I usually don't have the camera and many times they cannot be captured on film anyways.
My most recent occurrence was when I told a goofy joke to the checkout girl and I got to see her wonderful smile!
Thanks for reminding me.

brow of calm said...

wow, quite intricately stunning flowers! Your patience has been rewarded and what a paradise.
If only we could linger on the details more often and just marvel at the beauty.

Marion said...

Very well done post. I love the spider chrysanthemum...there were few of those in my garden this year! Next year, if I have patience, they will be back!

Cergie said...

Chrysanthemum seems sometimes to be sometimes exactly like a real person ; here a shy person hiding her face behind her long fingers...

Bellezza said...

Oh, so, so, so lovely. You have such a way with words and pictures.

Raw Food Diva said...

:Are there tiny places in your lives that are waiting to be transformed into portals of beauty?:::
yes Princess as I settle into my new home with its postage stamp yard I look for the spots to create the tiny portals of beauty.
thanks for sharing the lovely spider mums.