Sunday, November 23, 2008

morning meditation on the eternal nature of music, said Princess Haiku

I found a lovely video clip of Sarah Chang playing Meditation From Thais.

Pale, slanting morning light and music spills across my untouched day. It's interesting how music; in itself an ephemeral creation endures throughout our lives while things that we think of as substantial; work, family, friends, often do not and by the nature of life cannot. Yet music is as forever as the delicate empathy in the tones of this masterpiece, by Jules Massenet.

Today, is the last day that I could drive to King's Mums before it relocates to Portland, Oregon. I have never been to visit and I am trying to decide if several stressful hours on the freeway is worth this pleasure. Soon enough I will know as I have to leave soon if I am going to do this.

Oh, the possibilities of this new day....

Jules Massenet (1842 - 1912) was a popular composer of French lyric opera. Like Gounod and Bizet, his music is known for its charm and beautiful melodies.

This piece, Meditation, is taken from his opera, Thaïs. Thaïs is the central character in the opera, a seductive courtesan that repulses a monk, Athanaël, with her worldly attitudes. She learns to resent her shallow existence, and after being confronted by Athanaël and spending a night in meditation, agrees to retire from the secular world and become a nun. Athanaël, ironically, has been smitten by Thaïs' allure and decides that he is in love with her. He arrives at the convent where Thaïs now resides and finds her on her deathbed. Athanaël proclaims his love and renounces his vows of faith, while Thaïs steadfastly holds to her new found spirituality and dies, leaving Athanaël with neither faith nor love.


FANCY said...


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I have scrolling round your site and it is really refreshing anf I like your music to ;)...

Maureen said...

I have so enjoyed visiting your site. I will be back for more. Brilliant.
Best wishes

Maithri said...

Beautiful post,

"Pale, slanting morning light and music spills across my untouched day."


I love what you say about the way music endures in our lives inspite of its essential transient nature... what a paradox and what a true statement...

Thanks for warming my morning,

Blessings of love and music,


Writers Block Star said...

My Princess Haiku
Sorry I knocked you out of
Alpha Inventions

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! Really glad you enjoyed my site :) Keep up the great blogging!


Cergie said...

I never heard a Massenet's opera. Once I was in Paris Bastille Opéra (Paris), I heard "la Boheme" from Giacomo Puccini, I enjoyed it less than "Le Barbier de Seville" (Rossini) that i have heard before at the same place. Once I was in the Parisian cemetary "Pere Lachaise" where Chopin is burried and Rossini too. I was with a young Austrian guy. I showed him Rossini's grave. He asked me mischievously :
"Rossini is less well known than Mozart, isn't he ?"

Princess Haiku said...

The Barbier de Seville is a lot of fun. I hope to visit the otherworldly Pere Lachaise someday. While I'm living of course. lol We have some beautiful Victorian cemeteries in the eastern part of our country.

red dirt mule said...

What a tragic love story but so 'true' of human life: we so often mis-read; walk by a moment too soon or too late; or get 'hoisted upon our own petard ..."

Yes, while human life, friends, things are temporal, music does seem to pass the test of time: music that speaks to one's soul, that is. But I also think: if it were not for that one person, that one moment in time in which their gorgeous creativity produced this piece, this music as well would be lost to us ....

therefore, within the music, its author also lives indefinitely ...


Moon River said...

Dear Princess (wrote this to you and to Stephen)

we are in a special way like friends for some years now. though we are living so far and speaking with big gaps and space between the words and times i know it for true that we have "this" communication of words, and also silence between them.

you asked me to add something to my blog, i didn't understand what it was

be well

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the invite Fancy.

Stephen said...

Dear Princess, I remember well the early days of our relationship.
Your first post, my comments, and putting up the white rose for "E ". The poetry I would leave for you and Vera. There are times I think that some of my best works have been in comments. Am glad to have left those words with the likes of you and Moon. Miles have nothing to do with the space between the words and perhaps it is time to close the gap and get on with a meaningful, creative, conversation that ties the connection to the moment. As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe