Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zap! A Fabulous Marin Chrysanthemum Show, said Princess Haiku

Today was a beautiful Autumn day, said Princess Haiku and the chrysanthemum show was dazzling.

I chatted with some lovely members of the Marin Chrysanthemum Society and they extended a warm welcome. They informed me that in the early summer they sell chrysanthemum seedlings at the farmer's market and that is a good thing to know

Did you know that there are chrysanthemum bonsai trees as well as many types of chrysanthemums?

The intensity and perfection of the flower was as blinding as white light.

Enjoy, said Princess Haiku as she vanished into a dazzle of rare beauty and flowers that evoke the spirit.

When the winter chrysanthemums go,
there's nothing to write about
but radishes.

Matsuo Basho


lotusgreen said...

i'm surprised to see them displayed! what a great collection.

DeLi said...

so refreshing to see 'em in blooms...

Acquaintance said...

It's been such a long time since I've been on blogger I honestly don't really have the time to write anymore, I've been working so much these last 6 months. I work double shifts which is broken down into two four hour shifts and I hardly have any time to do anything. I'm too busy and usually too tired to do anything after I get off work. But pretty soon I'll be writing again like I used to just not as much as I used to though. Pretty flowers by the way, they're beautiful.

Also, I am glad that winter is around the corner again, I missed the cold weather feel against my skin and body I also missed being able to drink hot coffee and hot cocoa outside without turning into a sweat towel, right now as I type this comment it's 43'F and it's sooo nice outside, I love it :D I was getting really tired of scorching Texas heat and humidity. But actually since the cold weather is back I still will be doing a lot of outdooring since it's not so hot, I can enjoy the outdoors better without sweating constantly but there isn't as much nature as there is during Spring and Summer though and you can't swim unless you wanna freeze your ass off, lol hehe :P

But anyways it's good to be back on here again and read what it is that I've missed out on in the last 6 months. By the way I have a laptop now which makes blogging easier and I'm making very good money, I'm working for the San Antonio Country Club. I've moved my way on up from being a dishwasher making $8.50 an hour to now a busser making $9 an hour which by the way there's also completely full benefits there as well but after this I'm trying to become a food runner soon which I'll be making $12 an hour and then I'm going to try to be a bartender, if I can but I don't know those jobs are usually always taken though.

But I'll talk to you later Haiku and have a good day. :)

Cergie said...

Princess I can understand how you enjoy when seeing a new specie of chrysanthemum or even simply when looking at so various ones gathered all together at the same place.
I like daisy you know and I got a painting (a pastel) that my grand mother (her christian name was Marguerite = daisy, as it is one of mine) made : a bunch in a crystal decanter made with three of them and some pink roses and white carnations.
You can imagine how I enjoy it

rochambeau said...

Thank you Princess for taking me to the Chrysanthemum Festival with you!
Sending you an Autumn bow!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

those are amazing. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of this flower. my favorite is that second one - white and yellow. I had no idea you grew these in this area!

Princess Haiku said...

Why are you surprised, Lotus?

Princess Haiku said...

I am glad that you are doing a little better and hope you have time to blog again. Things are particularly difficult for young people and I sincerely hope that new opportunities open to you. You are such a good writer. I think you asked me a political question somewhere and I don't want you to think me unkind, but I am an artist and adverse to discussing politics in general, although I support peace and other idealistic values. I try to keep my blog as a haven to escape from everyday issues and travails. I think you can understand.