Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sleeping Muse Awakens, says Princess Haiku

The sleeping muse is stirring and soon will awaken. What will this cycle of artistic expression bring to you? If you are a poet, writer, artist, dancer, ect what works or inner developments do you have in process?

I suspect that these times of turmoil, difficulty and angst will enable artists to tap into more profound energy. If American poetics for example has been defined by one quality in the last few decades, I would say that has been superficiality of ease. This is certain to change and hopefully for the better.

I will link people who would like to share works in progress etc to this post.

More information about Constantin Brancusi here.


goatman said...

I am opening to the muse. Probably will turn out to be a project that I should have done last summer when it was warm outside and life abounded.
I've always liked collages, yes, perhaps a collage or two. And your mum pictures have inspired (I have never seen such fireworks of flower and didn't know mums grew so tall on one stalk.) I could grow them inside under lights (but around here one must be aware of the infrared-looking copters searching for a warm roof indicating other more smokeable plants.)

You are back now, and profligate I will spend some time here today with your photos and words.

rochambeau said...

Hi Princess,
It was lovely for you to visit today.
Thank you for this post. My muse has been off cavorting and must come back home now.

Hope you are well.
Happy Autumn!!
Many pretty songs and
gargoyle wishes for you!


red dirt mule said...

ahhhhhh - PRINCESS!!! I'm galloping and kicking my hooves up for joy!

Your spirit feels renewed ..... your beloved chrysanthemums are .... STUNNING !!!! Patience, tenderness, persistence ... and knowing when one needs time. All lovely qualities of your intuitive heart!!

I truly am glad to see you back. My own muse? I do believe you are correct - in times of great emotional upheaval, I tend to write more; see more; wake up with poems hovering above my bed.

Not that life is any less ... but my muse finally said: ENOUGH!!

Now? i see images, a few words ... but to write? truly means to sit, contemplate in a solitary space and wrestle, wrestle, wrestle with the words.

I love Brancusi. An old boyfriend who was a sculptor introduced me to Brancusi's work ...


ps. can't wait to see THE MULES !!!

your pumpkin patch pix last year were wondrous, magical and just plain cute.

Salix Tree said...

It's lovely to see you back, writing in your blog again, it's been ages!
We have a little statue replica of one Brancusi's pieces, it's 2 very squat people hugging. Was a pressie from me to my hubby years ago.
I do have a new project going, it's left my head already and onto paper. It will be a cross-stitched comic. I was going to do faeries, but felt they were already overdone. And I love comedy, so I went with that. Might take me several months to complete it. Although, this had nothing to do with turmoil and angst, but comedy should always be there to put a smile or a laugh on peoples faces.

Stephen said...

My Dear Friend, The link is Remember me. Smile! More than words can tell. As ever be well and I hope to be more interactive soon for Space is only as deep as one makes it.

Princess Haiku said...

I have been looking for that mule photo for you. Believe it or not I tossed 2000 photos and 1000 more to sort through. What a headache; think I need to be a less prolific photo taker for a while until I catch up.

Princess Haiku said...

Salix; your project sounds interesting and different. I am trying to do some new types of things myself.

Hi Stephen; hope all is well with you.