Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Princess Haiku Prepares to Make her first Altered Book

Okay, so an "altered book" sounds like an altered reality and it is for this flute playing poet. Thanks to the encouragement of a certain visually gifted blog pal "Ascender Rises Above", I am about to cross the border into vizLand.

I have it all ready; the jar of Mod Podge, the brushes, newspapers and a wonderful book "Horizon 1958." The book has a great cover, high quality paper with incredible articles; Interview with Igor Stravinski and an article by Freya Stark about the Roman Goddess Diana, with a drop dead gorgeous photograph. I am considering cutting out the photo of the Goddess for the cover of my altered book. What prose, poetic words and literary wisdom will I sacrifice to the altar of visual beauty?

Can this poet cross (alter) to the dark side? Can I desecrate a book when I am the sort who always uses books marks etc.

I have linked to some altered book vlogs from youtube. (right side of blog)


AscenderRisesAbove said...

aww.. thanks for the mention. wish I could take the credit for the concept on altered books; but I can't. ;-) You have crossed the border for sure - once you have altered your first book you can't go back.
Let me give you a tip on what NOT to do: I thought I would alter a book by placing crayon shavings inside some book pages and place it in the oven. I was thinking batik. I was thinking cheap encaustic. What I got was some paper that almost went up in smoke. Plus the binding of the book was glue so the book completely melted and fell apart.
ps - I just saw the news; rain friday morning; but halloween night it will be over with. back on saturday

Princess Haiku said...

lol I'll remember not to "cook my books" although in political circles it seems to have become a required activity.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

lol! I'm thinking you are right. I was a trend setter. ;-)

Princess Haiku said...