Thursday, October 23, 2008

in which the Urban Flute Player falls in love with the Artely Wilkins Flute

I am excited to be getting a new flute; an Artely the Wilkins Model. This flute is like a flower with an unusual and delicate fragrance. - Passed over in it's time it has become a lore, a legend, a tale capable of virtuosity. Many flute players have turned to flutes that are more efficient and forthcoming than the Artely Wilkins, but none of them compares to its transcendent capabilities.

I first encountered this flute at my music teacher's on a day when I arrived for a lesson sans flute. He was very gracious and allowed me to play on his other flute which was none other than the perfume rose of an Artley Wilkins flute.

I read somewhere that Paul Horn played an Artely Wilkins in his Taj Mahal recording and I'm not surprised about that. Not that I have unrealistic expectations of my own abilities at the flute; coming to it as I did as an adult. It still soothes the spirit and lifts the heart to have a vehicle by which to travel farther than oneself. And my neighbor has not recently flung a chair against our mutual wall which is a good sign.

My Artely Wilkins is being restored by none other than Steve Deutsch; an engaging and excellent flute technician. The term "technician" seems too strait laced for the abundantly creative spirit that Steve is, but it does describe one of the ways he earns his living.

I think the main reason the Artely Wilkins flute was passed over, despite its gorgeous tone was it's poor marketing and its rather homely name. We can do better than this.

Help Princess Haiku rename her new flute.

BTW it will be ready on the Day of the Dead which will give it a certain cachet or Mojo. I can live with that and I hope my neighbor can. :)


AscenderRisesAbove said...

come join us at rodrigvitz style for the day of the dead posts; she has a place to sign up

collaging hints... anything and everything. One really fun thing to collage are books - if you have one that can be torn up. these are called "altered books" as for glue - my favorite is golden gel mediums - though i used nothing but modge podge for years.

Princess Haiku said...

A book! What a fabulous idea. I like to write poetry in old calendar books because they are less intimidating than "fine new journals" that one needs to write pristine, perfect and illuminated prose in. Now, I have to choose a book to walk the artistic plank so to speak.

H'mmm ...I have a glue stick which I suspect is primitive. Golden gel medium sounds better; will look for some. And thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

flutes and books! I know nothing of flutes, but I have a very dear friend who plays a wooden, Irish flute. The sound is haunting and clearly beautiful!
And "altered" books: Just go to your library's second hand book sale. You know that these books have had a good, well thumbed life, and are ready for a new adventure. (And do use something other than a glue stick!!)

Princess Haiku said...

qugrainne, my library has a sale coming up and the last day you can get a whole bag of books for a dollar. I will definitely be on the look out for some good ones to alter. In the meantime I have collected a crate of old art magazines to cut up for my collage.

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urbanflute said...

Hi Princess Haiku,
Love your site, and with your mention of Paul Horn and his Taj Mahal recordings, I thought you might enjoy this recording I posted on my Urban Flute Project site: Agra was one of the pieces he improvised in that sacred space...
Jamie (Toronto)