Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In a sea of fronds, said Princess Haiku, dreams the chrysanthemum


These gorgeous chrysanthemums were grown in the San Francisco East Bay and are from the catalog of Kings Mums of Clement, California.

King's Mums is being sold after the completion of this season and will relocate to Oregon. If you live in the Bay Area this is your last opportunity to avail yourselves of the splendor of their harvest. I will be going to visit in November to see the fireworks. It's a good idea to check with the nursery owners as to the best time to visit as this year's chrysanthemum bloom has been delayed to unusually warm weather.

I will be posting chrysanthemums of all colors at that time so keep posted. In the meantime my plants continue to grow buds and ready themselves for their debut at Autumn's Ball.


lotusgreen said...

so wondrous i almost want to cry. thank you.

Princess Haiku said...

It means a lot to have others to share them with. I knew at once when I saw one that they were more than flowers; they were magic.

Miruh said...

Truly magical, looks like they are ready to move with all those tentacles. Thanks for sharing!
Miruh :D

goatman said...

I have marked Kings. Hope the new owners maintain the link. Thanks

Salix Tree said...

These are so beautiful! Like mermaid hair wafting through water. I especially like the single yellow and rose one about 10 pics down, the curly tips, the wildness. *sigh*

Princess Haiku said...

Goatman, I'll find out about the new owners when I visit in November, and let everyone know. Perhaps we can prevail about them to set up a developed web site. You could order some of these flower creatures yourself next year. My guess is the new people they will be much younger and computer savy than the present owners. I believe the gentlemen who started the nursery is in his eighties.

You are absolutely right that the fronds look like mermaid hair. They also resemble the hair characters in manga have.

Gillena Cox said...

thanks for sharing these beauties

much love