Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Buds appear on my Chrysanthemum Plants, said Princess Haiku

These photos were taken last week and now all of my 18 tall plants have clearly defined buds on them. I can't wait to discover their colors!


Stephen said...

Dear Princess, Thank you for the visit and for your most kind comments. It has been a good long time. I do not get here as often as I should but than may change soon. Google rocks. Smile! Glad to see the green thumb. It is a pleasure indeed to nuture and grow from seed, sprouts and as if by magic one day share the face of the earth with a flower from one's own hand and care.
As ever be well,
my dear friend,
Stephen Craig Rowe

lotusgreen said...

oh this is exciting! how they've grown!

wordcrafter said...

Well worth the long wait, it is all very exciting.

Princess Haiku said...

Wordcrafter- can see a hint of white inside one of the buds.

Princess Haiku said...

The hint of white was prematurely announced and perhaps projection on my part. I closely examined the bud today from all angles and it refuses to disclose its color spectrum. It would be wonderful if it were white but there are about six possibilities.