Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ten Things To Do Before Midnight

I posted this at "To Do List" which I love and after thinking about it decided to dedicate it to Lotusgreen who so often inspires my poetic meditations.

Ten Things To Do Before Midnight

1) Polish the crystal ball.
2) Leave a note for planchette.
3) Open the moon umbrella and be patient for there are 12 more minutes to wait.
4) Close eyes and try to remember my midnight birth of long ago.
5) Finish reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rusdie.
6) Eat the last bite of Chunky Monkey Ice Cream and recycle the container.
7) Ask the tarot if miracles are still possible.
8) Snap in the DVD of Children of Paradise.
9) Slip into the slinky midnight blue........
10) Listen to the sound of the wind ruffling through tall green Ponderosa pines and remember when listening was enough.

At the stroke of midnight put down the calligraphy pen and curl into bed, smudgy fingers and all, for the dream awaits.


Jackie said...

I was also going through my links and seeing who I had not visited in a while and there you were :)

Your to do list is so, so interesting. These days my lists are filled with things I don't like doing.

What a magnificent rose.

lotusgreen said...

thank you princess--i blush like your rose

and your list is one of the most beautiful i have ever read

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for stopping. Thank you for your kind words Lotus; coming from you that is quite an honor.

GABI : Grashopper Wedding Party said...

Hi Princess,
just got some grashoppers at a wedding party.

Surely something to watch before midnight ! grin grin ...


Anonymous said...

I like your list, and the mum shot, but my favorite is that beautiful full moon picture. Lovely.