Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Growing silently in Moonlight -small chrysanthemums

My chrysanthemum seedlings have been transplanted into green planter boxes where they continue to fill out and grow.

I must admit to uncertainty about what is a bud and what is a new leaf and time will tell. These little flowers are my first chrysanthemum journey. Princess Haiku they say, we will draw you into our journey by moonlight and orb of sunlight.

A few days ago I staked them and will secure the stakes with twine.

My plantlings grow with a promise of beauty and mystery for this is the, Way of the Chrysanthemum.


phd girl said...

The seedlings are tending with love and care... nice to be able to see how they're doing!

Beckster said...

You have quite a young and lively garden going on Princess! With your nurture they'll grow beautifully I'm sure

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how your plantlings were doing. They look healthy, wonderful. Way to go!