Friday, July 11, 2008

sparkle of the Chrysanthemum within

My chrysanthemums will flash into brilliance and color, illuminating the heavens and everyone who views them thought, Princess Haiku. Any day now my seedlings will arrive in a UPS package from King's Mums.

What miracles of spirit will they become?

There will be five and whom will they grow for?

Time, water, sunlight and patience will reveal their secrets.

I am excited to embark on the way of the Chrysanthemum.

Will you come with me?

Let this journey of a rare flower begin.


d. chedwick said...

I just finished reading a novella by Banana Yoshimoto-- a ghost story complete with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. I thought of you of course.

this fall my yard will be filled with Chrysanthemum and I will document it, and call it Princess Haiku's Garden.

another rainy day here, wishing same for Calif. fire areas.

Princess Haiku said...

Chedwick, what is the name of that book. I am reading Murakami this summer and find him a haunting, surreal and brilliant writer. What kind of chrysanthemums are you growing? Can't wait to see. It is interesting how the spirit of a particular flower can captivate one so.