Thursday, April 10, 2008

Inspired by Japonisme

Lotusgreen recently posted a "Queen of the Mums" post that has so inspired me that I promised to write a haiku for her. I haven't been able to write recently though, as I have had a headache for two weeks. I am thinking perhaps it is a Spring allergy thing and hopefully, it will be over soon. Japanisme is one of the gorgeous blogs I visit that has Zapped me.

The first Princess Haiku Zap Award to Japonisme!


wordcrafter said...

Princess, I am lucky to have stumbled upon your page, and if is OK I will add your link to mine. I am new to Blogger and still finding my way around, but will definitely come back for more Temporal Beauty!
You are welcome to browse at my page:

With best wishes,

K.C. said...

I just visited your site for the first time and looked through many of the sites that were listed. It led me through such an artistic world that I know little of. I was mesmerized. You seem to be such an intense person who just loves that world. How interesting and fascinating. How great for everyone who logs on to your blog that you have taken so much time to find all these sites. What dedication! K.C.

lotusgreen said...

ohhhh -- i have been haiku-zapped and i can feel it to my quick. and to my slow.

right from the beginning, princess.

thank you so much.

goatman said...

OOOww , two weeks? I don't feel your pain never having endured a two-week headache but I hope it ends soon for you.
I used to get sinus headaches when climbing in the mountains or flying,
but acetominaphin (sp?) usually helped.

d. chedwick bryant said...

That blog is really beautiful ---

re: your headache-- I have no advice really, drink water, a little coffee, steer clear of dairy products for awhile-- I hate those "recurring or rebounding headaches--2wks? I would go to my acupuncturist.
I'm hoping the will end. tonight, now.

check your glasses/Rx?

dennis said...

Dennis hopes you are feeling better and have no pain at all.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

Hope you feel better soon.