Monday, March 10, 2008

Princess Haiku leaves an obscure list at "To Do List"

This is a list I left at "To Do List."

Things to do before I go to bed:

1) Blow out the white candle from Ancient Ways.

2) Relight the candle and write a note to reserve a library book about understanding ambivalence.

3) Put the lid back on the organic peanut butter jar and brush cracker crumbs off the couch.

4) Prepare to have a lucid dream about visiting Clearwater and splashing in green blue waves. (This is a better idea than flying Southwest Airline)

5) Push back late night memories about the "dearly departed" and focus on finding two matching black socks for tomorrow morning. (It isn't as easy as you think as black socks fade at different intervals and you can end up with charcoal gray juxtaposed to slightly less than cobalt black.) This is not a dress for success look.

6) Close eyes while brushing teeth and do not think about risks of toothpaste sourced from China.

7) Put on KDFC and prepare to listen to classical music until the commercials start at dawn. (This is prime listening time whether one is asleep or not)

8) Brush pale hair until it snaps with electricity.

Next time I will leave a list of things not to do while sleep walking.

Good-night, scarlet flower.

12:27 AM


Bellezza said...

Such a lovely post. It allows me to catch a glimpse of your life, and makes me smile with your personality: not think of ambivalence (will you tell me the secret?), organic peanut butter (yum! Also, almond butter on crisp apples), brush pale hair. Mine is brown and very, very curly. I was just given strict instructions NOT to brush it too much as that destroys the curl. Beauty, such an elusive thing sometimes. :)

Cergie said...

WAOW ! I've almost the same camellia, it is in full blossom now and something I have to do is taking a picture of it (not today, because just now it is raining)
Something else is to come and visit my dear Princess and try to reflect about a list..
Usually, I never do a list, I do thinks as they come the one after the other
Just before closing my eyes, for the moment I read a book "pratique de l'anglais de A à Z". Yes. It is practical, I read yesterday that asleep is different from sleepy
How to say the moment just after "sleepy" and before "asleep" ? The moment just after I put my head on the pillow and which is the last think I have to do without any list


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

oh yes "things to do while sleepwalking". Here's one I am told I did in that state: my mother found me in the kitchen with the fridge door open and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was taking a snapshot of the meat...with a string. (needless to say I have no recollection of this high point in my life nor did the photograph ever emerge from my mind - must be in there, somewhere...let's see...string, meat, fridge ...)

Dorothee said...

Hi Princess,
I just did a post about the Boston symphony Hall where Leon Fleisher was performing the no5 Emperor concerto, and Cergie from sent me your post on the superb Helene Grimaud. Thanks to her I discovered your wonderful blog. I am a big fan of Helene Grimaud. Not only she is a talented pianist, but she is also a great writer. I have read her book “ variations sauvages” and love it too. Like a partition, you can hear the music trough her words. I have been touched also by her deep compassion and sensitivity about people, nature and animals. She is very unique. Thank you SO MUCH Princess, for sharing with us this You Tube no5 concerto. It was just sublime and gorgeous to listen to her and watch her! What a treat!

And I also like very much your "to do list". It's so poetical and wise.
Alors, merci!

goatman said...

"Understanding ambivalence"? Isn't that akin to organized chaos?
Chuckle, chuckle.

d. chedwick bryant said...

this post has me thinking that you, and Cergie and I could be together in the same space and get along just fine, better than fine for a long time.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Oh m y Lee's river- I love your commment!

Once my older sister woke me in the middle of the night to tell me some policemen had given her a ticket... for going too fast on the roller coaster at Coney island amusement park. I soon discovered she was sound asleep on her feet!

cbb said...

Princess Haiku, my heart paused with "push back late night memories about the 'dearly departed'" - it made me want to ask if perhaps you need to tell some of the memories?

Or perhaps that is what you tell with your flowers... creating beauty out of sorrow...

Princess Haiku said...

Dorothy- there is no link to your blog. I wanted to visit and thank you for your thoughtful comments.

cbb-you are very perceptive

Goatman :)

Really Ched! Had no idea sonambulists could talk.

dennis said...

Dennis likes it here--

AscenderRisesAbove said...

that was a fun list; thanks for the chuckle and the thoughts this morning

Raw Food Diva said...

the moon gibbous
is on my page now

lotusgreen said...

i think scarlet flower must be your indian name

Painter of Blue said...

Happy first day of spring!!

Salix Tree said...

hi hi! Haven't been around for a while, and thought I would just say hello.
Why wear black socks? Why not pink and purple spots? Why not one sky-blue and one sea-green?