Tuesday, February 05, 2008

mermaids, said Princess Haiku and their ceaseless singing

I am in this mood, said Princess Haiku where I want to return to the sea. It is so close and yet whenever I reach for the green water of silk, dreams and remembrances it vanishes. Perhaps if I knew the right song the sea would open. -A lament for a mermaid's far journey.


The Dream said...

I am a mermaid - absolutely, positively.

Princess Haiku said...

That make sense, DREAM.

brow of calm said...

Something about this post really moves me, the lament. Every time I have visited this blog I rest on this for a second, the myth, the writing, the sea.
It is a feeling or remembrance that can't be put into words, it is not from this dimension or this lifetime. I am scattered on the wind and blown out towards the ocean. My personal lament.
Princess Haiku, you really are the enchantress.

wordcrafter said...

So full of longing and beautiful..