Wednesday, February 20, 2008

an Eclipse of the Heart, said Princess Haiku

I made a "Night of the Eclipse" to do list at....well where else, "To Do List" and had the idea of posting some old love letters. Anon of course. This is what this lunar eclipse has done for me. I reached far, into buried deep wells of early lovers and remembered....those letters.

Anyone interested? What was your personal and introspective experience of the eclipse?


Jackie said...

Sadly I slept through the eclipse so now have to wait until 2010 for the next full Moon eclipse.

I do know that Moon eclipses do affect me for a few weeks afterwards so wonder what form it will take this time :)

Princess Haiku said...

Let me know.

cbb said...

I briefly wrote about my own experience of the eclipse on my blog: Your photograph honoring the occasion is lovely - thank you! Cynthia

A.Decker said...

I stood in the back yard, staring up at clouds. No glimpse. I see here that some experience after-effects, and I've been a bit gloomy of late. 'After-eclipse', reckon?

At least I got to see your picture here. Is this the actual one we just had?

Princess Haiku said...

Dear A,
It does sound like you have post eclipse let down. But then February is a difficult month for many as Spring seems so far away.

Cergie said...

It was in the night and I was sleeping
Last year during the total lunar eclipse in the night between March 3th and 4th, I was not : I was enjoying the birtday party of a friend, and dancing a lot !
When we got out, the moon was round beautifuly shining in the sky, as usual

Mother of Invention said...

It was too late and very cold so I did not even see it! When discussing the colour a shy male church choir member said , "My moon was brown" to which I jested with him, "Oh come on, you don't own the moon!" and that broke some ice!

brow of calm said...

It was a passionate time, I felt some very intense energies. It seemed that after a month of masculine enrgy, suddenly the divine feminine was back.
It was confusing too because I felt enormous amounts of love for the women in my life but also for a man and that was unfamiliar territory for me but fiery love.