Saturday, December 08, 2007

feeling Blue

Since I am feeling blue I decided to explore "blue blogs" and here they are.

Blue Tea is well, very blue.
Celestine Musings has a blue background on her blog.
Tangled Up in l'Heure Blue can never escape blue.
Blue Poppy embraces blue itself.
Woolgathersomeis a superior blog recently back from a long blue sleep.
Argos world reflects blue ice.
Cergipontin is splashed with blue sky.
In Cinq flashes blue from its background.
June Blue defines itself as blue.

If any of you are Blue and I left you out left me know and I will add you to this blue link list.


A's Journey said...

Those are beautiful blue flowers pictures. Wonderful melody, one of my favorites without a doubt, make me remember so many mornings in my homeland.

Thank you for the mention among so many nice blogs! ^ ^

She Who Flies said...

Those blue poppies are simply stunning! I'm sorry to hear you're feeling blue... Hugs.

Anonymous said...

oh. i'm feeling your blue, princess. alas, i am a red dirt girl through and through ..... i generally tend to experience the mean reds ...

I shall look for something appropriately blue to post for you today. Does baby blue count ???


Anonymous said...

stop by my blog, princess. i've put together a blue care package for you...


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Hope you'll soon be feeling in the pink!

I've often wondered why its called feeling blue - I always think of blue as hopeful, thoughtful, infinite - the sea and the sky.

The blue poppies are extraordinarily beautiful.

gregra&gar said...

Thanks for your visit, I would like to include you among my blog buds. The blues seem to have gotten that name from the color of a chill below our normal emotional, physical, mental energy level whose amplitude is proportional the complimentary golden period of warm elation that both precedes, gone missing, and follows, in reaffirmation.

I have chronic bronchitis so I've learned to avoid the chills that keep me from warm parties by overclothing myself — can a cyberhug serve as a shawl?

Sherry said...

I'm sorry you are blue, but these blue poppies are amazing...and I can't wait to explore the blue blogs (though I already know Celestine which is where I found you!).

Cergie said...

Blue poppies are quite special and very, very rare. I saw some only once truely in a beautiful garden.
Don't be sad, dear Princess, you are surrounded with so much beauty and you have so much imagination
Blue is such a beautiful color, the color of the sky when it is sunny
The color of the sea when the sky is blue...

get zapped said...

We all have those days - and I like that you explored yours instead of flee from it. I've always cherished Joni Mitchell's Blue album....thanks for sharing blue with us.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be the consensus that the blue poppies are ... well, I love that blue, and here's one to add to your list:
If you don't want the blue feeling, I hope you feel better soon. Going into it is good though, no?

lotusgreen said...

yes, i love the poppies too. did you actually find some blooming around here? i keep reading that they won't grow here, but i keep hoping.

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the good cheer, friends and I am feeling a bit better today. On Saturday my flute ensemble does its winter concert and I am hoping I can make that. (fingers crossed)

The poppies aren't from the SF Eastbay, Lotus. I don't know anyone who has gotten a Himalayan Blue to grow. You might be able to get some seedlings at Annie's Nursery next Spring.

lotusgreen said...

oddly enough, i've never been able to get anything from annie's to grow! i even went out there once and got poppies(!) but they didn't last very long at all.

i got some nemesias too which didn't last. but the ones from east bay nursery lasted for ages.

looking at those himalayans again, i think that they suggest we should call sadness something other than blue.

Princess Haiku said...

You are right that sadness shouldn't be linked to blue in particular or any other color for that matter. Perhaps there should be set aside tints for all colors reserved for tristesse?

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what an amazing blue flower. i saw one in birkley the other day that was flourescent blue and looked all kinds of wrong in the world; but this one is very nice