Monday, November 12, 2007

Yundi Li; poetry in motion

Deutsche Grammophon has a spiffy new web log for pianist, Yundi Li. Currently it features an interview between Seiji Ozawa and Yundi, "Poetry and Technique in a Rare State of Harmony." The blog attempts to communicate a sense of the poetic beauty of Yundi's playing and misses. Fortunately, this doesn't matter and the web log does have some graces; visually attractive and with some great music clips on it.

Princess Haiku has heard the music of Chopin as played by the gifted young pianist, in her dreams. In fact said Princess Haiku, I stopped by Pere Lachaise the other day for a tete a tete with Baudelaire and Keats, and who was sitting on the stone angel pointing towards heaven? Why it was Chopin himself, claiming he was still being pursued by the notorious George Sand and that he needed to rest. And then he told me that he was working on a new piece, "The Chrysanthemum Sonata" for Yundi and if he were still alive, he would this and that....

And on and on. Some ghosts don't know when they are done said Princess Haiku, as she disappeared over the edge of the moon, with her pet whippet, Nimble of Thrace, but I do.

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