Tuesday, November 13, 2007

doors, said Princess Haiku

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between
are the doors.

Jim Morrison

Do you know where the door in your life is? asked Princess Haiku. If you post a blog answer to this question let me know so that I can link it. I found this door with blue stairs that had old red paint peeling through, to be interesting. It had me wondering who lived there.


Patricia J. Mosca said...

Here is a link to a 4 by 4 I did with my answer about doors....I try to keep mine open!
Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Patricia, I couldn't the right link and you are a prolific blogger (all those different blogs). Impressive.

Bethene said...

Your posting, complete with picture, quotation, question and invitation, inspired me to write about doors and thresholds. Thank you, Princess Haiku.

Caroline Armijo said...

Compelling question.
I need to contemplate more.
Thanks for stopping by.