Saturday, November 24, 2007

a living holiday tree is a gift to the future, said Princess Haiku

The tradition of the Christmas tree is believed to have originated in medieval Germany. On December 24th, the townspeople would decorate a “Paradise Tree” that was a symbol of Adam and Eve. The “Paradise Tree” was a symbol of eternal life. Why not celebrate with a living tree and give every tree that would have died on your behalf to the future.


d. chedwick bryant said...

Tips on getting a living tree

1. Dig the hole for the tree way in advance. In colder climates dig before the ground freezes.

2. Have good soil available when you plant the tree.

3. Only have the tree indoors for a few meaningful days.Keep it moist.

4. In cold climates, let the tree adjust to going back into the cold gradually. put it in the garage for a few days, then a porch area. keep it moist.

5. after planting keep an eye on the tree, and in cold areas, water it well during a warm week.

6. the day you bring your tree indoors, you don't want the house to be too warm, you may want to move it in gradually (see #4)

7. You will only want to light the tree for a few hours each day.

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the suggestions on tree planting. I didn't think of predigging; good dea. Sounds like you have had living holiday trees before and know a lot about them. There are some outdoor, decorated trees near me and I may take a walk and take some photos. In the face of enormous, ecological disasters it feels good to at least have some small things one can do.