Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kiku, Kiku

I saw this white chrysanthemum from the New York Botanical Garden posted on flickR.

When it's all too much this ephemeral creature speaks to me, said Princess Haiku, of ancient legends, poetic beauty.... meditation...

Wrapping the chrysanthemum cloak around her like a shimmering moonlight of possibility, Princess Haiku vanished.

Doesn't she always?


d. chedwick bryant said...

It reallyy looks like a lot is goin gon with this flower, each petal looks busy, active--and yet it is so calming to look at. I think it is just gorgeous. the center, the very outer tips--so much good calm energy radiates.

red dirt girl said...

ahhhhh i always think of you, dear princess, whenever i happen to spy a lovely chrysanthemum.

how beautiful this: a chrysanthemum cloak...shimmering moonlight of possiblity


do not be gone so long this time...we have yet another party to throw at RDG's.... this time for Soubriquet.

Do stop by if time permits!


Princess Haiku said...

Hi Ched and RDG. Will be stopping by later tonight.

lotusgreen said...

oh my gooness

AscenderRisesAbove said...

how do you always take these amazing photos? white is the one color that I find really impossible to take photos of. well done.

Bethene said...

Dancing under the golden basin of the moon of plenty. It is magical.