Thursday, November 08, 2007

a heaven's door kind of night., said Princess Haiku....

When the nights grow dark and long, I start thinking about Heaven's Door, said Princess Haiku, to her friend Ched, who had been away.


Mavin said...

One of many of my favorite songs by Bob Dylan and I know it's your favorite of all Ms. Haiku. :D

He's back to bloggin again he came by mine just a little while ago. It made me so happy I almost shed a tear :'), I'm kidding lol but it did make me really happy and was nice to hear from him again.

Take care

Princess Haiku said...

Me too! I was missing some of my favorite blog friends and now they have resurfaced. I guess those of us who learn to love the virtual life can't stay away for long.

ian in hamburg said...

Hello princess haiku - thanks for dropping by my blog. If you came via indeterminacy, that shows you keep good company!

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Ian,
I feel honored to be included in Indy's line up. He has an acute sensibility and has made comments that haven't just helped my blogging, but helped me understand my work as a writer. Feel free to link if you would like. I will be back to spend more time on your blog.

Stephen said...

Knocking on Princess's door. Knock, knocking on Princess's door.
Hello my Dear Friend!
Though I am of the Fall and you are of the Spring you are often in my thoughts. I pray that all is well with you and yours. I remember the White Roses that I sent you and some of the " bad poetry ". Smile. Give my love to Moon and I send my love to you. As ever be well. Stephen Craig Rowe

Stephen said...

Post Script.
Here in light of the screen.
Some seem frozen
For fear of falling.
Some seem real
For fear of falling.
Some seek the falling
for falling's sake.
Some seek the joy and wonder of it all
as they are of the ALL.
Just had to throw a bit of dash into it! Smile. As ever be well my friend. Stephen Craig Rowe

Princess Haiku said...

Dear Stephen,
It is also such a pleasure to have a visit from my first blog friend. Moon is returning from a hiatus and I know that she always enjoys hearing from you too.

rochambeau said...

Me too Princess H ! We are all one day closer to the last day of our lives.

Verging Writer said...

Aahhh, Bob Dylan.

Enough said. . .

charlotte said...

This will forever be a classic. Thanks for posting it.