Saturday, November 10, 2007

fruit of the underworld, said Princess Haiku...

The fruit of the pomegranate, said princess Haiku is for those who wish to explore the riches of the unconsciousness and the underworld.

Will you have a taste?

“Myth is the primordial language natural to psychic processes, and
no intellectual formulation comes anywhere near the richness and expressiveness of mythical imagery.”

Carl Jung


Jackie said...

Great Carl Jung quote.

I miss pomegranates. They were in every garden when I was a child in Zimbabwe but now in South Africa you are lucky if you can even find the boxed juice in the supermarket. When I was in Dubai I pigged out on it as every street corner had them being freshly juiced LOL

Princess Haiku said...

Whatever happened to the fruit. It has disappeared again. Those ravenous ghosts.